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Saliku Uchiha
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 6'5
Weight: 121

Saliku is Itachi's older brother
Nina Hyuga
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Weight: 121
Height: 6'5
Ninja Rank: S-rank and medical nin
Academy Graduation: 8
S-rank and medical nin promotion: 10 and 11

Nina Hyuga is Neji's older brother but he's super smart and he's shy around girls 
How was everybody thanksgiving was it good or okay to you guys. :D (Big Grin) :) (Smile) :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
Pitch is a good guy now just to let you know when he was a the north pole looking for Easter Bunnymund and Jack frost then all on a sudden he heard screaming then run to the noise to see and in shocked to see there worst and Jack skellington rival Oggie Boogie have unconcious Bunnymund and Jack frost  in his arms as jack was with the three bad kids unconscious as they disappear with them then pitch had called north that his lover bunnymund and his adopted son jack frost has been captured by jack skellington rivals

Oggie: welcome to the play house and your special guest bunnymund and jack frost.
  They see jack and bunnymund tied and mouthed up to a tree are happy that they are here as north ,jack skellington, sandy, tooth, dust and thistle are in shocked and angry
Dust and Thistle: daddy big brother frost.
North: (take out his swords) let my love and jack frost go.
Holly: yeah.
Oggie: never
Skullington: oggie boogie you gone to far why did you kidnapped my friends.
Oggie: (laughs) I want them for myself especially the easter bunny  (grab bunny chin as bunnymund eyes widen try to let go)
North: (run up to oggie then jump) don't you dare touch my love.
Oggie: (smirked then kicked him in the stomach) to slow oldman
North: ack. (slide to a stop when tooth grab him, then is angry)
Jack and Bunny: (muffled scream north)
Dust and thistle: papa (angry, then charged at oggie with swords) let our family go.
Oggie: hmph  (try to attack them but they dodge every move he do) tricky little brats you are... (then is stab by north and jack skeleton) h-how.
Tooth: they had a plan so they gang up on you.
Dust and thistle: (run to and untie them) daddy your okay. (hugging him)
Bunny: thank you my children, north.
North: (hug him) you are alright he hasn't done anything to you two right.
Jack and bunny: (head down) he took our powers away.
North: (angry) WHAT.
Bunny: now every time we try to cry we cry crystal and candy. like for starters I just...suddenly I don't feel well.
North: love are you okay.
Jack: aster (hold his head) yeah me too... (fainted on the floor)
Bunny: (sway then faint in north arms)
North: bunny jack no no (feel there pulse then is shocked) there not breathing (doing cpr on bunny as tooth and skullington did it on jack as dust and thstile hug each other and hug bunnymund
Thistle: daddy...don't give up you have to wake up.
North: (panting,crying on his chest) bunny jack come back.
Pitch: (appear behind them) (gasps) no where's there powers at manny please find it.
  Then manny the moon shines behind the back room as jack and sandy went to it then opened it to see and gasp at the sight of there powers it was beautiful but no time for admiring it they went to the tubes then smash and break the tubes as the powers got out and went to there owners lifeless bodies then went in there mouth then 2 seconds later bunnymund and jack frost sat up and cough then felt two strong hands around them then look up then hug north back
North: we are so glad your okay.
Dust and Thistle: daddy.
Bunnymund: (smiles then it falls) guys look behind you.
      They look to see oggie boogie has gotten back up and take the swords out then run to them and grab bunnymund by the waist with a sword to his neck
Bunny: (struggle to get out his grip) nort..north.
Oggie boogie: one false move your bunny gets it.
North: (angry) LET HIM GO NOW.
Oggie boggie: hmm let me think, No.
Holly: oh no. Dust, Frost, and Thistle get away from your father now.
Frost: (nodded went to tooth and holly)
Dust and Thistle: huh (see dark red aura surrounding north then went behind holly)
Pitch: whoa I never see north this mad before.
Holly: we did and it didn't end well when raymond try to rape bunnymund....
Tooth: one of my tooth fariys saw it and alerted north while he was carving new toys for the kids then he got there and stop him from doing so and was about to cut his head off.
Holly: but bunny stop it from happening he didn't want him to become a murderer.
Pitch: (rub his neck) whoo.
Thistle: but what about the red aura.
Holly: North control your rage.
North: (ignore her forward to oggie boggie)
Oggie: stand back or your bunny gets it.
North: (ignore his warning kept on walking)
Oggie: (scared then make bunny throat bleed)
Bunnymund: No..north help me.
North: (see blood on his throat then disappear from his spot)
Thistle: huh where'd papa go. (look at dust)
Dust: (see his movement)
Bunnymund: (ears move then see north on his right, kick oggie in the leg)
North: (punch and kick oggie in the heart then take it out)
Oggie: (dying voice) give it
North: (crush his heart)
Oggie: (dies as he dissappear)
Bunny: Nicholas...
North: (angry dies down) are you alright.
Bunny: yes
North: good cause I been wanting to do this (dip kiss bunnymund)
Bunny: (giggles)


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